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Ladies, here are the dance moves that make you sexy - according to scientists


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Ladies, here are the dance moves that make you sexy - according to scientists

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:40 am

What dance moves make a woman more attractive? According to scientists, those with greater hip swing and asymmetric thighs and arms movements are rated best.

Dancing is an activity that is observed everywhere in the world, across all cultures. Scientists have long noted that it is often expressed in courtship contexts, and can serve to attract potential partners.

While there has been many studies of human courtship, showing how certain physical traits or vocal qualities offer an advantage, little has been published about the dance movements that are more likely to attract partners – especially in women.

In the study, published in Scientific Reports, researchers have now identified what movements are considered "appealing" when it comes to women dancers. Their findings may help shed a light on dance's role in human courtship and partner selection.

In previous research, scientists have shown men who are greater risk-takers and who have a stronger handgrip are rated as being better dancers. "In women, there is some evidence that dance attractiveness might reflect fertility: women's dance is rated more attractive during high-fertility than low-fertility, and female lap-dancers earn more tips around ovulation," the team wrote.

"In order to fully understand what dance movements can convey to potential partners, we need to know which dance movements are appealing."

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